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The success of any financial plan, will ultimately depend on the skills and expertise of those managing your assets. It is for this reason that MWM Financial Services have selected the largest financial services organization in the world, Smith Barney, as our Alliance Partner. Through this Strategic Alliance, MWM Financial Services  Group is able to access extensive capabilities and offer them directly to our clients.
Lifestyle Financial Planning
While the stages in our lives determine the 'course' of our journey, it is the specific events that occur while we are on that journey that make it what it is - Life. All of us during our lives develop for ourselves and our families certain goals and aspirations. MWM Financial Services Group, is here to help with all your lifestyle financial planning needs.

Wealth Building
Investing can be like any game or sport with a strategy that requires careful thought, planning and dedication. Through a commitment to your financial future, an effective strategy and thoughtful planning, MWM Financial Services will assist you to make full use of your financial resources to optimize and achieve your lifestyle goals.

The Golden Years - Retirement Planning Services
Let us help you make retirement the time of your life! Retirement can be the time you finally get to do all of those things you said you were going to do, from having an overseas trip once a year to sailing around the world. MWM Lifestyle Planning will help you determine the standard of living you want to enjoy in your Golden Years.

MWM Financial Services Quarterly Newsletter
Download the latest issue of the MWM Financial Services Group's quarterly corporate newsletter. Each issue is full of timely and relevant financial planning and wealth building advise from our experts along with tips on how to make the most of your investments.

BVI Trust & Management Solutions That Just Add Up
With its team of highly qualified experienced legal and company management professionals, Abacus is able to provide a wide range of administrative services relating to the establishment and operation of British Virgin Islands, Business Companies, Trust, Partnerships and Mutual Funds.


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